World CH., Group-Placing Puerto Rican CH. and Caribbean CH, Mexican CH., Latin American CH., International CH., Champion of the Americas '98 & '99, National Specialty  BOB '97 & National Specialty BISS & BOB '98, BISS and Multi-BIS ARBA CH., BIS CRS CH., IABCA CH., AKC CH. Polish Hill's Batman The Caped Crusader, CGC.  


Sire: 1995 National Specialty BOB, Group Placing, ARBA CH. Elzbieta's Czmatke-Polishill

Dam: Jande Jana

AKC #: DL65025109

Birthdate: Sept. 19, 1995

Died: December 26, 2007

Color: Gray & White

OFA: Good

CERF: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

Batman is the most titled male PON born and bred in the United States. He is the only male PON World Champion to date. Batman is known for his fluid movement. He is grace and beauty in motion. Batman has also produced many notable PON champions. His son, Tigger, is the second most titled US PON behind his father. Batman possesses the same gentle, obedient mannerisms as his father, Czmatke. He loves children and is always willing to place doggy kisses on any willing face. At the World Show in Mexico, Batman was a wonderful PON U.S. ambassador. There were many groups of school children touring the Coliseum where the shows were held. The little kids kept asking if they could pet all the different dogs. Many of the owners and handlers would not let the children touch or pet the dogs, as many of the dogs had already been primped for the show ring. The tots looked so disappointed! When they approached Batman, who is a notorious ham, he started wiggling his tailless butt. The teachers asked somewhat timidly, expecting a "No" answer, if the kids could pet Batman. I told them, "Sure, he loves to be petted!" The children asked what was his name. I responded, "Batman!" They seemed to get a real charge out of that, since the Batman movies were popular at the time. After that the word quickly spread that there was a gray, shaggy dog whose owner is letting children pet him. It was a continuous circle around Batman. All I saw were tiny hands reaching to touch and stroke his long, full coat. Batman was in his glory! He adores attention. That's a true show dog. The more people clap and the louder the roars from the crowds, the prouder Batman stands. Up goes his head, higher and higher! He seems to float around the ring with his coat undulating around him. Batman's handler wasn't too thrilled when he came to check on Batman about an hour before ring time. His coat needed to be rebrushed after all the petting he had received. I guess that's the price you have to pay for fame! As each dog entered the Group ring, his name and breed was announced over the loud speaker. As soon as the spectators heard his name announced, most stood and cheered as he entered the ring. My mouth fell open. He received the biggest ovation from the crowd. Batman glowed as he moved around the ring. That's what he loved about showing! Batman retired from the show ring in 2002. He still got excited and ran to the car when he saw me haul out the crates, and show paraphernalia. He perpetually loved the excitement of the show circuit. I used to feel so sad telling him that he had to stay home, now it's one of his progeny's turn.

 To me, and all the judges who recognized his excellent conformation and movement, Batman will always be one of the great PONs to be born and bred in the States.