CH. Wild Bill From Polish Hill



Sire: Group Placing National Specialty BOB CH. Elzbieta’s Czmatke Polishill

Dam: White Star’s Peekaboo Polish-Hill

Birthdate: June 17, 2003

Color: Gray & White

OFA: Normal

CERF: Normal

Thyroid: Normal


Like Mia, Willie’s greatest assets are his outgoing, gentle, demeanor and his outstanding conformation that he passes onto his progeny.

 Willie finished his championship before he was 18 months old. Willie has wonderful conformation: beautiful topline, reach and drive. Like his sister, Mia, Willie has tremendous coat that follows almost to the ground.

 Willie’s gentle nature with young and old, both canines and especially humans is what endears him to everyone that comes to our home. He is one of the first to greet strangers at the door and is happy to sit near all visitors displaying his happy host behavior. Willie remains one of our all time favorite PONs and prefers to sleep on his doggie bed on the floor next to our bed, probably because there isn’t enough room in the bed with all our other canine bed partners.